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business setup

Starting up a business is an extremely stressful endeavour and can be even harder if you don’t know where to start. The learning curve is daunting and mistakes can be expensive and time-consuming. The good news is that the process is actually quite simple for experts who know the process and have the resources to do it efficiently. 

Conventionally new business starters had to go through many different service providers to get everything set up. Managing all of these suppliers as well as running the business and developing a start-up can be a draining experience and a massive undertaking. And that is where we come in. 

with over 15 years of experience working with new start-ups and small businesses, we have the expertise required to make your life much easier.  We can help you get your brand up and running as soon as possible with all the right tools and processes so you can start with a strong foundation. 

We only use the best software and solutions in the market and we do not cut corners. We just know how it all works. 

How does it work?

Starting a new business, like anything else, consists of a set of logical steps. You must follow a correct and consistent pattern to build a strong foundation. Small businesses that do not have a strong foundation often fail before maturity.

We help with the following steps.


Business Registration

Whether you want to be a Sole trader , company or a trust we can help you register your business and your brand. This process includes business name registration , company registration (optional) and establishment of your business ABN/ACN. Brissy Studio is a digitalisation office and do not offer business registration directly. This part of the process will be outsourced to a trusted certified partner who have been working with us and our customers for the last 10 years.


Accounting Setup

Once your business name is setup and we have a ABN / TFN number, we can setup your accounting software and setup your chart of accounts. Then we will assist you to enter your product and services and get the software ready to be used for the new business. At this point your business is ready to purchase from suppliers and invoice customers properly. Training will be provided so you and your team can use the application.


Voip Phone Setup

Any professional business need a proper phone number. At this point we can register a 1300 or a local number anywhere in Australia or New Zealand for your business and set it up to divert to your phone or setup a office base system for your staff to receive the call. The setup includes phone setup, user setup, PBX installation, phone mapping and billing. We even help with your custom voice message recordings. Training will be provided so you and your team can manage the software.


Brand development

Now that your business is registered , has a proper accounting and communication system (phone setup) it is time to start your marketing process. The first step is branding. Designing a powerful identity for your business can make a world of difference. That starts with a great logo, awesome business card, easy to use letterhead and a branding guide to ensure you are ready to approach your target customers.


Business Office suite

One of the essential digital tools that is required for any business right at the start is a good business suite setup. There are many business suites available for grab but the two that we always use are MS 365 and google workspace. A business suite would offer your team a reliable email system, office tools / software such as docs and sheets and many other internal communication apps that becomes useful as you develop your business. We will take care of the whole implementation process and will provide you with a secure access to start using your account. Training will be provided so you and your team can utilise the tool to its potential.


Website development

The next step is your website. It needs to be up and it needs to be great. Our team of software developers and web application designers with years of experience are proficient in small business website and landing pages. We know what works and what doesn't. If it needs to be simple we keep it simple and if it needs to be comlex we will bring you complex. The goal is to make sure your website represents your brand and converts. We use content management systems so you can manage your own website or hire our team to manage it on a ongoing basis. The decision will be yours. Training will be provided so you and your team can use the application.


SOP Design & Development

At this point you have all of the tools that you need to run your business. The last but not least is setting up your business standard operating procedure. That includes writing down your start up processes, connecting the relationships between the processes and establishing the application of the digital tools in your business. This will be done in a very small scale but it will be a platform for your business to build on. Written processes then can be used for training, continuous improvement and eventually obtaining quality management system QMS ISO9001 standard at the later stages.


on-demand Support

Brissy Studio offers an award winning after sale support with support team members right here in Australia to assist your team members 6 days a week. Our standard support comes free with our packages and as long as you stay on Brissy cloud servers you can enjoy the free support. The support scopes will be provided in the final handover booklet which explains how you can get help for different part of your business. Our response time is under 24 hours and we look after our customers like our family. At the end, we are building a big community of small businesses.

This is important!

This service is a tax deductible business expense.

If this is your first financial year as a business, you need to know that you will be looking at a hefty tax bill, especially if you are doing well or planning to do so anyway. Any costs / expense associated with improvements are tax deductible. So, instead of doing it yourself through an agonisingly slow process, let us help you and get your investment back at the end of this financial year. 

It’s a no-brainer. 

We are in partnership with the best in Australia.

How can we do it all?

This must be the first question that comes to mind. Well, lets get it out of the way.

We will not be doing it all. Some of the services we offer as part of this package are outsourced to our trusted partners and most of the app we implement for you are top rated industry-proven softwares that have been developed years ago and have proven effective for small business.

So what do we really offer.

We offer supply management to ensure you get what you need at one fix cost in the fastest time through our trusted panel of partners. We also offer design, development and system engineering services. So from your branding to your accounting software, it will all be designed, developed and implemented in-house by a group of teams from system designers to software developers.


Instead of dealing with various service providers, you deal with us and we manage our service providers. We have experienced project manager and customer success managers with years of relationship with our service providers. We built that trust over the years and we review these service providers on yearly basis. Our panel of partners get updated frequently to ensure we only offer the latest and the greatest.


We offer you the freedom to work on your business. To not worry about these repetitive time consuming tasks. Tasks that can be completed by another team outside of your company. We setup your business for you using the industry standard processes and you can can free yourself and focus on developing your newly started business. That is what we mean by stressless startup.

Strong System team

Brissy Studio is a systemisation and digitalisation office with experts all around Australia. We have project managers , customer service experts, lean system six sigma professionals and software developers. We design business systems on daily basis and understand what a small business needs to thrive.

Internal Designers

There are certain steps that we do not outsource. Branding, System design and Software / Web development. We have an inhouse team right here in Australia that design and create your brand. All of that is done right here by our expert team. That also includes the software implementation and the on going support.

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Pricing Structure

Start Up Essential



Complete Setup package including everything listed. 

Start Up Branding



Package include Branding , website and the phone system. 

Frequent questions & Answers.

Questions that have been asked the most by new customers. 

$0 + GST. :).  The initial 30 mins consultation is a discovery session and free of charge. In that meeting we will try to determine what you do and whether or not we can help you. 

Cost of design, development and management of the whole process. All on going software subscription fees such as Workspace, accounting software etc will be payable monthly to the service provides. (depending on the software specification). We will be able to determine that cost in the first few discovery calls. 

Of course. If you don’t need a step we can skip over it and move on to the next step. We can always custom quote your project after the first discovery sessions. Click on the custom quote above to get a quote based on your requirement and budget. 

Brissy Studio offers an exceptional award winning support. You get life-time support with us as long as you stay with Brissy hosting services. That includes managed cloud hosting, issues with apps and tools etc. Some of the issues will be reported back to the software providers but our friendly local team will help you get to the bottom of the problem. 

Who is FenceShield?

FenceShield is a start up by Elastomeri Coating Australia. A local chemical coating application service provider that launched their very first brand of product. The start up was difficult considering how busy the two young owners were with the existing business so they reached out to us.

What was the journey like?

FenceShield reached out to Brissy team in January 2023 with a dream. After helping them with their business plan in the initial discovery sessions, we got to work. We registered the brand through our trusted partner, setup their accounting structure and register their domain. In two weeks we moved on to the phase two brand design. In the third week we had a very real brand and everything started to come together. In the fourth week, we started the web development process. It was an online shop so it took a little longer than a standard corporate website and in roughly a month and half time, the business was up and running ready to be introduced to the market.

How is FenceShield today?

With a strong idea, great product and a solid foundation built by the Brissy team, FenceShield moved from no visitors to over 620 hits a month. That boosted their turnover to over $200K this year and they are aiming to double that in 2024 and introduce a few more products.

A message from the owner?

Brissy team have been fantastic. At first I was a bit confused about their services. It was too good to be true. Having been there and establishing a number of businesses in my life time, I know how painful it can be to setup a business. The learning process is difficult and expenses. Both money wise and time wise. But Brissy offer was exactly as it was described. They assigned me a success manager (David). Dave looked after the whole process and only reached out to me when he needed my approval. In nearly 40 days we were up and running without me lifting a finger. Arash and I spent our time developing a business strategy and marketing plan to develop the business while Brissy setup the foundation for us for an unbelievable price. Could not be happier. I will use their service again if I start another business.

Donnie Green

Case Study

From zero to Hero. A business that generated over $200K in 2023. 12 months ago, it was just a dream. 

When an awesome dreamer with a quality product builds a business on a great foundation and takes on Australia!

Donnie and Arash went from zero to over $200K turnover in just 12 months by planning everything right and taking on tasks one at a time. Granted they have the best product in the market and a great marketing strategy, however, Donnie admits the time that Brissy’s team have saved him made all the difference at the start… 

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