How to build value within your business?

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Running your business is one thing, building sustainable value in your business requires planning and strategy. You need to ensure your hard work is captured in the value of the business for any potential future exit. So we want to make sure our business accumulates value for when the time is right. There are four […]

15 Employee Retention Strategies In 2023 that work in Australia.

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As employees decide what’s right for them, employers are having to reconsider what actually makes their company worth working for. If you feel like your business may be at risk of losing top talent, or you have already begun losing your best workers to the Great Resignation, it is probably time to consider some employee […]

Customer Relationship Manager

Why do you need it? and how can a small business benefit from it? This is a big question that we get all the time. “why do I need a CRM? why can’t I just do this on spreadsheets? Why overcomplicate things? We are just a small business“. We have heard these questions over and […]