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Brissy Disclaimer Agreements

Plagiarism or unintentional copyright breach

At Brissy Studio website we reference other businesses, resources, software and articles to help our users find the best solutions.

All other contents published on the Business Hub section of this website are user data and Brissy studio does not take any responsibility for their genuinely or copyright terms.

We are happy to remove any content from the website upon request if the complaint is legitimate. Please contact [email protected] to action any plagiarism or unintentional copyright breach.

The content will be removed from the website with 24 hours notice.


Our Communication Methods

We are proud to be a Digital Company

Brissy Studio is a digital company and takes pride in being part of the digital transformation movement which is necessary to keep everyone uninterrupted and focused on the task in hand.

Therefore we only communicate through digital tools such as email address, online chat and ticketing system which gets recorded and actioned in a logical order. This way, we can manage to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours with no exception.

If you wish to speak to someone, you can request for a call back using one of the callback forms on the website. We will have one of our support technical managers contact you anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.


Payment Methods

Pay when your project is completed

Pay when your project is completed.
We do not charge an upfront payment for a project (unless payment for third party services required). You will receive an invoice at the end of each period to pay your account.

You can use PayPal for online or credit card payments or direct electronic bank transfer using a bank account which will provided in the invoice.

We only use established brands for online payment so you can feel safe and protected when paying your account.

Contact us to find out more.