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What is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)?

An SOP is a procedure specific to your operation that describes the activities necessary to complete tasks in accordance with industry regulations, provincial laws or even just your own standards for running your business.

SOP Can be defined in many ways and can be entirely custom for your business, but it is essential to your growth.  

Frequently asked questions

Unless you have a gold mine, trial and error is no longer a viable business approach. You need to understand your strength and weaknesses in order to grow and you can only know that by recording / writing down your existing processes. Once processes are written down, then only you can analyse, deviate and fill the gaps systematically and grow steadily without sinking the boat. 

You need it especially if you are running a small (new) business. Writing an operating procedure is a lengthy process and it is much easier to do, while the business is at its maturing stage. Once you pass that, you will get a lot of resistance from your people in your business to record and change things. 

The short answer is not much. That is precisely why you hire us. Well, that and the fact that we know how to do it. The SOP design consist of 3 stages. Stage one is the QA sessions which will be organized with you or the members of your team. These sessions are for us to understand your business and record your processes. You will be involved off and on during this process but for a few hours only. From there (at stage two) we will grab what we can and draft the first copy of your SOP schematic. You are not involved in this stage. Once the SOP design is complete, we will get you to review and comment so we can perfect the draft. We will try to keep your involvement to absolute minimum during the entire process so you can continue focusing on your business development. 

Once the SOP schematic is drafted and approved, we will help you write down micro processes identified during the process. You can take care of this or you can ask us to do this for you. While writing micro processes is not part of this service, we are happy to quote and assist if you need us to. 

Why do you need it

Businesses with established processes and systems are 80% more likely to reach maturity.

Here is why


Businesses with established processes are more efficient. It makes staff training process a lot easier and you can put your manpower to use a lot quicker.


Systemised businesses are uniformed (stable delivery) which is extremely important from branding stand point. Think McDonalds or Google.


Change is an inevitable part of any business and businesses with established systems manage change better and oftentimes manage to turn them into opportunities.


Better systems result in business compliance, efficiency and agileness. An agile business is more likely to be ready when opportunities present themselves and act quickly.

our services

What is involved...​

QA Sessions

We conduct QA sessions with you and your team members to understand your business and connect the dots.


We use the QA notes to draft your first SOP schematic and run it by you to identify the gaps. From there we can finalise the draft.


propose and implement deviations from your existing approach by six sigma qualified system experts to streamline your business.

Micro Processes

We assist you write process documents for the identified micro processes. The documents will be used for training, improvement or standardisation process.

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