How to build value within your business?

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Running your business is one thing, building sustainable value in your business requires planning and strategy. You need to ensure your hard work is captured in the value of the business for any potential future exit. So we want to make sure our business accumulates value for when the time is right. There are four […]

What you need when starting a business.

Starting a business can be scary for many reasons. it’s like stepping into an unknown world with unlimited possibilities. You would be hoping for the best but mostly having negative thoughts of the worst, especially in the first few months. That is when things can go south very quickly if you let negative thoughts take […]

15 Employee Retention Strategies In 2023 that work in Australia.

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As employees decide what’s right for them, employers are having to reconsider what actually makes their company worth working for. If you feel like your business may be at risk of losing top talent, or you have already begun losing your best workers to the Great Resignation, it is probably time to consider some employee […]

5 Reasons for choosing Google Workspace in the new era of AI.

For nearly 25 years, Google has built helpful products that people use every day — from Search and Maps, to Gmail and Docs in Google Workspace. AI has been transformational in building products that have earned a valued place in people’s lives. Across our productivity suite, advances in AI are already helping 3 billion users save […]

Sales funnel landing pages

Sales Landing pages

Why do you need a Landing page and what are your options? A sales funnel is a visual representation of the customer journey, describing the sales process from awareness to purchase. It sounds complicated but it is a fairly simple concept. You need to comprehend what it means before you can utilise a sales funnel […]

Task Management Tools for Small Business

Why do you need them? and what are your options as a small business? Task management software is a great tool to manage a business day to day operation as well as your personal to-do list. They are commonly divided into two types – Task managers and project management tools. Task Managers Task managers are […]

How can a Virtual Assistant help your business in 2022?

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If you run a small business in Australia, you would know that Labour is your main operating expense. So if you manage to minimise it, you can save yourself quite a bit of money. There are a few tools that you can use to reduce, minimise or eliminate fixed labour costs in your business. Before […]

Customer Relationship Manager

Why do you need it? and how can a small business benefit from it? This is a big question that we get all the time. “why do I need a CRM? why can’t I just do this on spreadsheets? Why overcomplicate things? We are just a small business“. We have heard these questions over and […]

Managed digital solutions for small businesses.

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What are they and why do you need them? This is a simple question that we get all the time. Managed digital tools are essential for small businesses. You won’t know their true value until you are actually running your business. And when I say run a business, I mean dealing with the marketing, sales, […]

Top five online estimating tools for builders

online estimating tools

Why do you need Online estimation tools? – People are lazy by nature and they like to have information right in front of them with minimum effort if possible. The more information you provide on your website, the more conversion you are going to see. This is a proven fact and is used widely in […]